General Information

Sex female
Type child
Age [Years] 5
Height [m]¹ 1.1
Weight [kg] 17.6
BMI [kg/m²] 14.8

¹ Height, Weight, and BMI are for V3-x





Version History

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Roberta cV3.1 is based on the geometry of V3.0 and is ready for the new biomechanics-based FEM Poser in Sim4Life. The new poser treats the body as a hyperelastic material with rigid bones and provides more realistic posing compared to the previous approach. The tissue list has been updated and includes individual bones in the feet.

DOI: 10.13099/VIP11008-03-1

Roberta V3.0 includes 302 tissues and is based on a resegmentation of V1.3 at higher resolution, a more consistent tissue assignment, enhanced surface processing, and anatomical refinements. Met requirements for unstructured mesh generation are: non-degenerate triangles, smooth surface patches, and water-tight, topologically conforming surfaces. V3.0 presents a limited number of self-interesections. Material assignment is possible using the properties database v2.5 or higher. 

DOI: 10.13099/ViP-Roberta-V3.0
V1.3 Roberta V1.3 includes 66 tissues segmented from MRI data. The surfaces have been extracted and processed to generate topologically compatible, gap-free tissue geometries. Tissue properties can be assigned based on any version of the properties database.
Height: 1.1 m
Weight: 17.8 kg
BMI: 14.9 kg/m²
DOI: 10.13099/ViP-Roberta-V1.3