TI Planning

TIP is an interactive modeling pipeline powered by our o2S2PARC technology that supports electrode placement and optimization of temporal interference brain stimulation with the TIBS-R device. The TI stimulation technique involves the non-invasive application of high-frequency currents to reach structures deep in the brain.



o2S2PARC is a simulation platform created as part of the U.S. NIH SPARC Program to ensure sustainable, reproducible, and FAIR computational modeling in the field of bioelectronic medicine. o2S2PARC allows researchers to create and share with collaborators complex pipelines that can be turned into easy-to-use, web-accessible applications.



Sim4Life is a desktop and web-based technical computer-aided design and life sciences platform for development of devices, assessment of device interactions with the anatomy, and evaluation of physiological responses. Sim4Life combines computable human phantoms, powerful physics solvers and advanced tissue models.







IT'IS develops and manufactures a wide range of standardized and customized electromagnetic exposure systems for biological, medical and technical evaluations. The photo shows the reverberation chamber-type exposure system developed for the National Toxicology Program (NTP) research program, the world’s largest study on the potential carcinogenicity of cell phone radiofrequency radiation in rats and mice.