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Overview of Exposure Systems



Exposure system sXcTEM27 for cell-line exposure to 27 MHz amplitude modulated radiofrequency fields.



The sXv27 system is designed to expose 2 × 8 cages with 2 mice each to 27 MHz RF signals.




The sXhS900 exposure system allows overnight exposure of the subject using a polarized antenna mounted above the volunteers bed.





On request we develop in vitro, in vivo or human provocation exposure systems, optimized for the specific electromagnetic exposure of interest to the customer.


EMF Exposure Systems

At IT'IS, we are committed to provide advanced and reliable exposure systems that are customized to meet the all endpoints of the specific experiments.

Expertise & Infrastructure

The IT'IS Foundation designs and builds electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure systems (sX series, where sX stands for "System for eXposure") with options for cells (c), vertebrates (v), and humans (h). As the world's premier provider of these systems, IT'IS offers its long-standing experience in the generation, fine control, and dosimetric evaluation of electromagnetic fields over a wide dynamic range and a variety of signals complying with relevant industry specifications, e.g. cell phone modulations. Our system design ensures maximum homogeneity and supports continuous monitoring of device conditions and environmental parameters, as well as blinded protocols.

Exposure system designs are tuned and validated through both numerical simulations as well as characterization measurements. The group’s exposure assessment laboratories are equipped with the most advanced tools including the latest DASY6 RX90L with DASY52NEO licenses, and a wide range of standard as well as specialized dosimetric probes. With more than 100 SemCAD/Sim4Life licenses, including the Virtual Population 3.x and multiple animal models, and several High Performance Computers (HPC) ranging from Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) clusters to supercomputers, our experienced team ensures that the exposure systems operate correctly and reliably.


Select Customized Research Projects of the Past Years
  • Produced more than 40 exposure systems, used actively worldwide;
  • Developed widely accepted guidelines for the development of exposure systems for health risk assessment (Kuster and Schönborn, 2000);
  • Developed guidelines for best practice in dosimetric assessment (Kuster et al., 2006);
  • Led the REFLEX Project, which introduced a new standard for well-controlled and blinded EM exposure of cells (sXc);
  • Produced a novel RF/ELF sXh exposure system for hypothesis-driven research on the effects of ELF & RF electromagnetic fields on brain functions (Murbach et al., 2012).


Supporting Science-based EMF Regulation

While many of the effects of EMF on living tissue remain poorly understood, the range of EMF applications in wireless communication and wireless power transfer is constantly expanding, as are the medical applications of EMF in imaging methods as well as therapies. As EMF regulations develop, it is crucial to protect higher-risk populations, such as small children or patients with medical implants, without resorting to overly conservative risk estimates which stifle innovation and technological progress. To understand the health effects of EMF, to develop the tools to study these effects, and to work with academia, industry and regulators to apply EMF safely and beneficially, are the core mandate of IT'IS.


Contact us

We look forward to discussing with you how we can best support your research initiatives. We also provide support and consultancy services to streamline the application process of CTI co-financed R&D projects for the Swiss industry and to build effective consortiums for co-financed projects in Asia, the EU and US. Simply call us at +41 44 245 96 96 or send us an email at customized@itis.swiss.



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