Cancer Research



Computational simulations for improved treatment of brain tumors

Computational simulations for improved treatment of brain tumors.




Overview - Cancer Research

Cancer is one of the most prevalent and complex diseases. As a multifactorial and constantly evolving disease, conventional treatments, such as radio/chemotherapy, often have limited effectiveness. Alternative cancer-specific and cost-effective treatments are needed to complement these established techniques.

The IT’IS Foundation explores and optimizes current and evolving cancer therapies and diagnostic approaches related to our core areas of expertise. Our leading edge research focuses on computational life sciences and engineering as well as areas that will provide clinically relevant insights and discoveries that could potentially accelerate the development of effective cancer therapies. Efforts within IT’IS are currently centered on:

  • optimizing the application of thermal energy delivered by focused ultrasound and radio frequency for tumor ablation and hyperthermia (in combination with radio/chemotherapy) including the development of patient-specific treatment planning tools
  • exploring novel methods based on tumor-specific amplitude-modulated EMF and advanced approaches utilizing dielectric spectroscopy for tumor detection
  • developing in-silico tumor models to better understand the biological processes involved in tumor growth and angiogenesis

IT’IS demonstrates a long-term vision and commitment to cancer research. Our multidisciplinary approach encourages collaboration with partners from different fields with multiple perspectives, accelerating the pace of cancer research and the discovery of advanced diagnostics and targeted treatments.