Customized Research

Customized Resarch: R&D Services

The IT'IS Foundation offers integrated, in-house scientific/engineering and regulatory capabilities to facilitate the translation of scientific discoveries into immediate and long-term solutions for partners in industries and governmental institutions.

We provide a broad spectrum of testing services, from engineering design to product compliance certification / pre-certification, as well as computational life sciences services.

5G Exposure

  • Power density measurements with DASY8 Module mmWave
  • Numerical evaluations via SEMCAD/Sim4Life EM-FDTD solver and 5G toolkit
  • OTA measurements with mmWave multilayer phantoms
  • ISO 17025 compliance evaluations per IEC/IEEE 63195

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Anatomical Phantoms

  • Pose, morph, or functionalize Virtual Population or other patient models
  • Register models to patient images for precision medicine
  • Create new models from patient scans via image segmentation

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In- and On-Body Antennas

  • In vivo link budget, gain, and directivity optimization electrically small resonant or non-resonant antennas
  • Numerical simulations validated with optically isolated measurements
  • Compliance testing with custom anatomical or dosimetric phantoms

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MRI System Safety Evaluation

  • Coil design, optimization, and measurement validation
  • Dosimetric studies with customized anatomical models

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Implant MRI Safety

  • MRI RF and gradient safety of active and passive implants
  • Proven ISO 10974 and ASTM F2182 compliant workflows
  • Efficient testing with state-of-the-art benchtop test equipment
  • In vivo results with FDA-qualified tools and the Virtual Population

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  • Prediction and optimization of peripheral and central neurostimulation by implanted or non-invasive platforms
  • Personalized stimulation treatment planning, and EM and thermal safety assessment
  • Customized pipelines and tools powered by o2S2PARC

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Experimental Phantoms

  • Customized multi-layer tissue phantoms, validated with multiphysics simulations
  • Integrated sensors and functionalities, e.g., perfusion
  • Tailored tissue simulating liquids, gels and solids with in vivo frequency-specific dielectric and thermal properties

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Precision Medicine

  • Personalized multiphysics treatment planning, optimization and safety assessment
  • Semi-automatic image segmentation and registration of patient scans
  • RF hyperthermia, focused ultrasound, neurostimulation

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SAR Compliance

  • Compliance testing according to IEC 62209-1528 and FCC guidelines
  • Standard or customized phantoms and exposure scenarios
  • Safety assessment for novel applications with cutting-edge hardware

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Tissue Models and Database

  • Extend IT'IS tissue properties database with custom tissues
  • Dielectric measurements at low, RF, and mmW frequencies
  • Advanced non-liner perfusion and acoustic models

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Wireless Power Transfer

  • Compliance testing per IEC PAS 63184 and national guidelines (FCC, ISED, etc.)
  • Proven approach via volume scan and SAR/induced field reconstruction in the Virtual Population

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