Customized Research

Customized Research

The IT'IS Foundation offers integrated, in-house scientific/engineering and regulatory capabilities to facilitate the translation of scientific discoveries into immediate and long-term solutions for partners in industries and governmental institutions.

To respond timely and comprehensively to customer needs, we employ a unique combination of technical and scientific expertise; a flexible mindset; unbiased and rigorous analyses; state-of-the-art infrastructure; and effective cross-disciplinary collaborations between academia, standard bodies, clinics and industry.

We provide a broad spectrum of Customized Research, ranging from complex engineering design/ analysis tasks, product compliance certification/ pre-certification to multi-scale, multi-physics and physiological simulations.

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Anatomical Models


IT'IS creates customized functional anatomical models from literature datasets or patient scans.


Experimental Phantoms

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IT'IS fabricates complex multilayer phantoms with integrated sensors for dosimetry and validation.


Tissue Models

IT'IS extends its dynamic database and creates new models of tissue properties for custom applications.






Comput. Life Sciences

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IT'IS develops customized solutions for specific medical diagnostic and therapeutic applications, including neuronal stimulation and precision medicine.


MRI Safety Evaluation

IT'IS applies its MRI toolbox to answer various research questions such as scanner architecture, real-time supervision, and treatment planning.

Implant MRI Safety

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IT'IS performs MRI RF safety evaluations of implants, specializing in elongated and active implants with multiple possible exposure scenarios.






Exposure Evaluations

IT'IS delivers expert consulting and assessment of exposure, dosimetry and compliance procedures for current standards as well as 5G and WPT technologies.


In-/On-Body Antennas


IT'IS supplies its expertise in designing optimized on- and in-body transceivers or other antenna systems in complex environments.

Exposure Systems

IT'IS designs and produces a wide range of standardized and custom-made EM exposure systems for biological, medical and technical evaluations.