Tolga Goren

Tolga Goren

Tolga Goren

PhD, Project Leader

Head of Customized Research


Tolga Goren was born in the US in 1987. He studied Materials Science and Applied Mathematics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York, and earned his master's degree in polymer nanocomposites. He moved to Switzerland in 2009 for his doctorate at the ETH Zurich on


synthesis, characterization, and simulation of biolubricating thin films. From 2014, he worked as project manager for drug delivery device components in an ISO 13845 environment at Baumann Medical AG.

Tolga joined the IT'IS Foundation as Head of Customized Research in 2016, to lead and coordinate R&D service activities as well as manage the IT'IS laboratory. Tolga and his team are responsible for MRI Implant Safety evaluations according to ISO 10974, developing testing methods in collaboration with ZMT Zurich MedTech, as well as the applied tool set (Sim4Life and its modules, MRIxViP) for computational modeling & simulations. He is a contributing member to ISO 10974, IEC 60601-2-33, and ASTM F2182.