Tissue Models & Database




Frequency dependency of the permittivity and conductivity of cartilage, as can be viewed on the Tissue Frequency Chart page.






Measurement of the dielectric properties of skin at mmW frequencies for 5G applications.

Tissue Models & Database

Expertise & Infrastructure

The IT'IS Foundation maintains and develops a database of tissue material properties; the database is drawn from a comprehensive scientific literature review and is continuously updated. Together with SPEAG, IT'IS has developed the DAK and DAK-TL tools to characterize the dielectric properties of tissues as well as tissue simulating media. IT'IS also collaborates with a range of academic groups as well as hospitals to maintain and update the tissue properties database, and to develop new tissue models for customized applications.


Select Expansions of the Tissue Database in the Past Years
  • MRI parameters (longitudinal and transversal relaxation times at 1.5 and 4 Tesla);
  • Acoustic parameters (tissue speed of sound, tissue-dependent parameter of the non linearity parameter B/A, attenuation constant);
  • Dynamic viscosity values at different temperatures  for various body fluids, including air, and the publication of temperature-dependent density, heat capacity, and thermal conductivity values for air;
  • Conductivity values for frequencies lower than 120 Hz (Low Frequency Conductivity);
  • Skin dielectric properties at mmW frequencies for 5G safety studies.


Solutions Beyond State-of-the-Art

Choosing and validating suitable tissue models is essential to in vivo simulations. IT'IS is interested in expanding the tissue models database to include mechanical material properties, such as tissue elasticity, as well as to include properties of diseased tissue, such as tumors, to support our collaborators.



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