MRI System Safety Evaluation



Simulations of induced MRI RF eddy current patterns in virtual human models.



Full EM simulations are applied to high-resolution anatomical models, in this case a pregnant woman.




Comparison of RF coil-induced SAR and corresponding temperature rise, considering thermoregulated and basal perfusion as well as thermal properties of tissues.

MRI System Safety Evaluation

Expertise and Infrastructure

The radio frequency (RF) and gradient coil fields from commercial scanners present a number of potential health risks for the patients. To develop the methodology for assessing MRI risks, IT'IS initiated the EUREKA Project MRI+, and several follow-up projects, with various partners from industry and academia. IT'IS performs customized evaluations of MRI exposure scenarios for a wide range of MR transmit technologies and patient populations. Based on the results, the critical parameters can be identified to improve overall patient safety. IT'IS has cooperated with major MRI manufacturers, including GE, Siemens and Philips, and actively contributes to the IEC 60601-2-33 safety requirements for medical MRI.

The group’s Yellow Submarine Laboratory is equipped with the most advanced tools including a PiX system, MITS-1.5T, -3T, -TT, -HFR, and -Gradient systems, the latest DASY8 RX90L with DASY52NEO licenses, and a wide range of specialized probes for E-field, SAR, H-field and voltage, including hardened probes designed specifically for MRI environments.  With more than 100 Sim4Life licenses, including the Virtual Population 3.x/4.x and multiple animal models, and several High Performance Computers (HPC) ranging from Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) clusters to supercomputers, our interdisciplinary research team can tackle highly specific and complex research tasks with superior innovation and efficiency – while ensuring compliance to national and international standards.


Select Customized Research Projects of the Past Years


Solutions Beyond State-of-the-Art

As new MRI technologies evolve, risk assessment becomes significantly more complex. As the current methods for demonstrating MR safety are still highly empirical, it is important to continue to protect higher-risk populations, such as patients with medical implants or impaired thermoregulation, without resorting to overly conservative risk estimates which stifle innovation and technological progress. The IT'IS Foundation is committed to expanding its MR safety activities collectively with potential partners.



We look forward to discussing with you how we can best support your R&D initiatives and regulatory submissions – simply call us at +41 44 245 96 96 or send us an email at



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