Precision Medicine



Patient MRI image (greyscale) is segmented to form a high resolution 3D tissue-mapped model positioned within an applicator. The model is voxeled (false color) and an electro-thermal exposure simulation performed (heat map)



HIFU transducer array creating a thermal hot spot deep in the brain for tissue ablation during noninvasive brain surgery.

Precision Medicine

Expertise & Infrastructure

The IT'IS Foundation has dedicated an interdisciplinary team of software engineers, biologists, and radiologists to refining and expanding its database of anatomical models, developing solvers to deal specifically with complex, heterogeneous living tissue, and to develop tools to transform patient medical image data (MRI, CT, etc.) into detailed 3D models through image segmentation, accelerated by image registration of previously segmented models (e.g., the Virtual Population). Modeling is then supported by automatic assignment of tissue properties from the IT'IS database.

With more than 100 Sim4Life licenses, including the Virtual Population 3.x/4.x and multiple animal models, and several High Performance Computers (HPC) ranging from Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) clusters to supercomputers, our interdisciplinary research team can tackle highly specific and complex research tasks with superior innovation and efficiency – while ensuring compliance to national and international standards.


Select Customized Research Projects of the Past Years
  • Developed a comprehensive platform for personalized treatment planning in hyperthermic oncology, deployed in a range of major hospitals;
  • Developed a simulation platform for image-based optimization of focused ultrasound (FUS) therapies (functionalized neurosurgery, cancer ablation, reversible blood-brain barrier opening);
  • Supported multiple companies in the successful design of novel applicators for thermal therapies, with superior targeting and control capabilities;
  • Developed tools for the personalized assessment of aneurysms from a morphology and fluid dynamics perspective with regard to rupture risk;
  • Created a comprehensive environment for the image-based creation of personalized anatomical models and the assignment of personalized properties for subsequent treatment modeling; deployed in multiple leading hospitals and research labs.


Solutions Beyond State-of-the-Art

IT'IS designs a wide range of RF applicators and exposure systems, as well as ultrasonic transducers for therapeutic applications. IT'IS also supports its partners in the total process of precision medicine from the processing of patient image data, design of applicators and characterization of incident fields to focusing and tuning to minimize collateral damage, modeling of the treatment's intended and unintended effects, and assessment of safety and efficacy.


We look forward to discussing with you how we can best support your R&D initiatives and regulatory submissions – simply call us at +41 44 245 96 96 or send us an email at

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