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IT’IS for Health

The IT’IS for Health Brochure has been printed in English and German.





Our Vision

The advent of precision medicine will redefine the future of healthcare by improving treatment efficacy and outcomes, and reducing the therapeutic burden. By leveraging a patient's unique genetic, genomic, and clinical profile, individualized treatments and accurate predictions of patient-specific responses will become the standard.

As a result of the burgeoning progress in genomics, pharmaceutics, and in the related disciplines of biology, medicine, and engineering during the last decade, IT’IS adapted its innovation engine to leverage its expertise in computational life sciences and physics-based simulations of biological processes and contribute to the emerging field of precision medicine.

With its research initiative IT’IS for Health, IT’IS aims to bridge the gap between bench and bedside by further developing multi-physics, multi-scale simulation approaches to optimize individual diagnostic, treatment planning, and therapeutic techniques, and to model interactions between physical agents and complex biological processes and structures.

As we expand our research scope together with our various international partners in biology and medicine to explore new scientific frontiers at the interface of computation, biology, physics, and engineering, our visionary mission of improving the quality of people’s lives and adding healthy life years remains the same.

IT’IS for Health is a long-term research initiative that requires a significant aggregate financial commitment into the future. We rely on various sources to maintain our fiscal health: in addition to the invaluable support we receive from numerous government agencies and scientific grants, philanthropic support is also a cornerstone of our new initiative. Your support will help us perform our cutting-edge research and realize our scientific vision.