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“The investment will be deeply satisfying because the rewards are likely to exceed the hopes.”


Prof. Niels Kuster, Director of the IT'IS Foundation



Together We Can Improve the Future

It takes our uncompromised commitment and the support of organizations and individuals to stay at the leading edge of biomedical research. As an independent nonprofit tax-exempted research institution, IT’IS relies on the generosity of corporate, government, foundation, and individual donors to maintain the highest quality of research to fulfill its long-term vision and commitment to research in personalized medicine. While all efforts to advance our understanding of biological processes at the interface of computation, biology, physics and engineering are proceeding rapidly, we have more ideas and leads than resources to pursue them.

There are many opportunities to make valuable gifts to advance our mission of improving the quality of people’s lives and adding healthy life years. Contributions at any level can help make a difference and represent unique opportunities for you to become personally engaged in a project or research area that is meaningful to you. Help us change the course of health care and scientific discovery for the future.

Support Individual Scientists

You can choose to support the efforts of a specific researcher or sponsor a PhD or post-doc position.

Support Specific Projects

Contributions can be directed to support an existing research project or to initiate a new one.

Support a Specific Area of Research

Support the discovery and the pursuit of progress in specific areas of research explored by the IT’IS for Health research initiative, e.g., high-resolution anatomical models, computational life sciences, or cancer research.

Make a General Donation

You can ensure that promising new ideas continue to be pursued as they emerge. You can also enable our foundation to provide a proactive, creative and innovative research environment for the cultivation of sound science, advanced research and good education. Unrestricted donations will be allocated based on research priorities.

Create a Legacy Gift

You may choose to perpetuate your support of biomedical research by including IT’IS in your will or estate plan.

Contact Us

If there are areas of particular interest to you, or if you need more information on options for giving to IT’IS, please contact Professor Niels Kuster at +41 44 245 9690 (email: kuster@itis.swiss) or Jacqueline Pieper +41 44 245 9697 (email: pieper@itis.swiss).