EMF Exposure Systems
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The sXhS900 exposure system allows overnight exposure of the subject using a polarized antenna mounted above the volunteers bed. The circular field pattern reduces attenuation caused by EEG leads.

sXhS900 human exposure system


Exposure setup (mounted on wall) 40 × 40 × 40 cm (d × w × h)
  Signal tower 60 × 60 × 90 cm (d × w × h)


Carrier frequency 900 MHz
  Modulation schemes GSM modulation schemes
UMTS/3G modulation schemes
arbitrary pulse structure
continuous wave
any AM waveform of 64000 points on request
  Intermittent exposure arbitrary on/off cycles with 10 s resolution


10g spatial peak SAR (50 W amplifier) up to 3 W/kg
  Exposed area whole body exposure, with focus on the head penetration depth
  Penetration depth deep brain SAR
~ 1/10 SAR in cortex (900 MHz) 
  SAR characterization functional brain tissue specific including uncertainty due to intersubject variability

 Exposure Control

· full software control of the exposure with self-detection of malfunctions
· RF filter box for EEG amplifier
· immediate abortion in case of overexposure
· blinded exposure protocols
· radiated power monitoring and feedback regulation by power sensors
· data logging every 10 s

The complete bundle includes the exposure apparatus, signal tower and PC with controlling software. Also included is installation of the setup at the target laboratory as well as personnel training sessions. Pricing and detailed specifications available on request.

For more information please contact us: customized@itis.swiss.