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Human sXh

Human sXh


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Exposure systems for human provocation studies need to be small enough to easily fit against the skin, with two exposure units such that blinded experiments can be performed in which the subject is his or her own control, for example exposure on both upper arms, with the lateral and contralateral sides being exposed and controlled. This exposure paradigm is particularly essential when potentially small effects are to be studied and reduces the importance of inter-subject variation.



human sXh900 2140 The sXh900 and sXh2140 expo- sure systems are designed to perform human provocation studies in the GSM and UMTS mobile bands. They are based on patch antennas mounted on the side of the volunteer’s head. The antennas are covered with plastic boxes, such that the two systems are not visually distinguishable.



sXhS900 human exposure system The sXhS900 exposure system allows overnight exposure of the subject using a polarized antenna mounted above the volunteers bed. The circular field pattern reduces attenuation caused by EEG leads.





sXhELF human exposure system The setup is able to perform human studies and is based on a low-weight patch antenna that is excited by a fully computer- controlled signal unit. The ant- enna is mounted on a headset which can be worn by subjects in a glasses-like manner (a linkage carries the weight of the head- set).



sXEs 205x128The system is designed for the exposure of electrosensitive persons at their homes. It is portable (<18kg), can be operated by a tablet computer, and produced incident field strengths up to the guideline limits of ICNIRP for the general public.

Custom Made


On request we develop in vitro, in vivo or human provocation exposure systems, optimized for the specific electromagnetic exposure of interest to the customer.