General Information

Sex male
Type obese adult
Age [Years] 37
Height [m]¹ 1.82
Weight [kg] 119
BMI [kg/m²] 36

¹ Height, Weight, and BMI are for V3-x





Version History

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cV3.2 Fats cV3.2 is an updated version of cV3.1. The new model now includes muscle tissues in the hand. Bones of the feet are now separate, akin to other models of the Virtual Population. Pivot points of the FEM poser remain identical to cV3.0. The tissue list has been updated with the additional bones. DOI: 10.13099/VIP11014-03-2
cV3.1 Fats cV3-1 is based on the geometry of V3.0 and is ready for the new biomechanics-based FEM Poser in Sim4Life. The new poser treats the body as a hyperelastic material with rigid bones and provides more realistic posing compared to the previous approach. The tissue list has been updated and includes individual bones in the feet. DOI: 10.13099/VIP11014-03-1

Fats V3.0 has been generated from the same segmentation data as V3.0, but employing an enhanced surface extraction and processing algorithm. This algorithm guarantees (self) intersection-free surfaces and adaptive mesh resolution to optimally resolve relevant features in a tissue- and geometry-specific manner with acceptable memory requirements. Fats V3.1 includes 305 tissues.

DOI: 10.13099/ViP-Fats-V3.0
V1.1 Fats V1.1 includes 153 tissues segmented from MRI data. The surfaces have been extracted and processed to generate topologically compatible, gap-free tissue geometries. Tissue properties can be assigned based on any version of the properties database.
Height: 1.82 m
Weight: 119.4 kg
BMI: 36.1 kg/m²
DOI: 10.13099/ViP-Fats-V1.1