The need for animal experimentation can be reduced with highly detailed computational animal models.





High-Resolution Animal Models

The Virtual Zoo (ViZoo) models are a set of detailed high-resolution anatomical animal models created from magnetic resonance or cryosection image data. Computational animal phantoms are needed to perform in silico biophysical simulations with realistic geometry and tissue properties, e.g. to reproduce and analyze results from in vivo animal experiments.

The development of virtual animal models at the IT'IS Foundation was initially driven by the need to perform the detailed dosimetry of our in vivo exposure systems. Currently, a range of mouse and rat models as well as one pig model have been created. A high quality computational monkey model was created during the NEUROMAN project from cryosection images.

We are continuously improving and refining our methods for generating whole-body and organ-specific human models. Thanks to this we are in the position to generate high-resolution animal models for a broad range of applications. New animal models can be developed on demand.