Traceability of the Animal Models

To provide the users of the animal models with permanent digital access to each released version of the models and guarantee their unambiguous traceability, we have generated unique Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) for all the models we have released. We thereby warranty that all versions will always be available. 

Model DOI
Big Male Rat V1.0 10.13099/VIP91101-01-0
Big Male Rat V1.0 Posable 10.13099/VIP91101-01-1
Small Male Rat V1.0 10.13099/VIP91102-01-0
Female Rat with Tumor V1.0 10.13099/VIP91103-01-0
Pregnant Rat V1.0 10.13099/VIP91104-01-0
Rat Pup V1.0 10.13099/VIP91105-01-0
NeuroRat V4-0 10.13099/VIP91106-04-0
Male PIM1 Mouse V1.0 10.13099/VIP91201-01-0
Male OF1 Mouse V1.0 10.13099/VIP91202-01-0
Female OF1 Mouse V1.0 10.13099/VIP91203-01-0
Pregnant Mouse V1.0 10.13099/VIP91204-01-0
Male Pig V1.0 10.13099/VIP91301-01-0
"Diggy" Male Nude Normal Mouse 10.13099/VIP91205-01-0
"Miss Able" Female Monkey 10.13099/VIP91401-03-0
3 Week Male Mouse V1.0 10.13099/VIP91206-01-0
12 Week Female Mouse V1.0 10.13099/VIP91207-01-0
12 Week Male Mouse V1.0 10.13099/VIP91208-01-0
Pregnant C57BL/6N Mouse V1.0 10.13099/VIP91209-01-0