Highly detailed computational models of specific organs are a prerequisite for specific applications.





Regional Human Models

The Virtual Population 3D computational phantoms are widely regarded as the gold standard in biophysical modeling. Certain applications, however, call for even higher precision and organ-specific anatomical refinement than that provided by the state-of-the-art Virtual Population V3.1 whole-body models. As part of our mission to continue to meet the needs of the modeling community with more precise and more detailed 3D anatomical models, the IT’IS Foundation is committed to producing a range of ultra-high resolution models of specific organs.

Development of high-definition tissue- and organ-specific models relies on access to high-resolution multimodal imaging data. The first high definition organ model to be offered by IT’IS in collaboration with the FDA is a detailed anatomical model of the head and neck (MIDA).

The IT’IS Foundation will continue to develop and release additional ultra-high resolution models of specific organs in response to community demand and as the necessary high-quality imaging data becomes available.