Pregnant woman III

9 month old fetus


Sex female 
Type fetus
Age [Years] 9 months
Height [m] N/A 
Weight [kg] 2.7
BMI [kg/m²] N/A 

The specifications refer to the fetus.






Version History

Version Specifications Download
Pregnant woman III -V1.1 The 9 months old fetus and the mother model in version 1.3 include a total of 26 and 77 tissues, respectively. The fetus is a morphed version of Charlie (i.e., it has not been segmented de novo) that has been placed into the model Ella. The surfaces have been extracted and processed in view of generating topologically compatible, gap-free tissue geometries.This model presents some problems, including an unrealistic amount of amniotic fluid. Corresponding tissue properties can be assigned based on any version of the IT’IS material properties database.  DOI:10.13099/ViP-Pregnant9m-V1.1