Eddie (38-year-old man)

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General Information

The original high-resolution cryosection images were obtained from the  Visible Human Project of the US National Library of Medicine (NLM) . IT’IS performed the segmentation following the strict ViP quality guidelines in order to reflect real inter-individual anatomical differences rather than of segmentation operator errors.

While the tissue list is identical to other adult male V3.1 ViP models, this model features higher detail in the peripheral nerves, arteries, veins and other small structures due to the higher resolution of the cryosection images, similar to the Korean models, Yoon-sun and Jeduk.

Sex male 
Type young adult
Age [Years] 38
Height [m] 1.81
Weight [kg] 106
BMI [kg/m²] 32.4





Version History

Version Specifications Download

Version 3.2 of Eddie includes the same 323 tissues found in cV3.1, with improved segmentation of muscle, arteries, and veins in the head region.

DOI: 10.13099/ViP11018-03-2

Eddie cV3-1 includes a set of 323 tissues at high resolution. The segmentation is based on cryosection images from the Visible Human Project. The vascular system and nerves are extended and more detailed. The model supports the Poser function in Sim4Life.

DOI: 10.13099/ViP11018-03-1