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Ignacio Pascual

Software Developer



Ignacio Pascual was born in Valencia, Spain, in 1989. He joined the IT'IS Foundation as a software developer in February 2019.



Ignacio completed his degree in Computer Engineering with a specialization in software engineering in 2014 in Valencia. In his final project, he addressed problems of model-driven development in web applications. He then spent one academic year studying at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. After finishing his studies, Ignacio worked on several web projects, mostly as a full-stack developer. Those projects included an internal administration application for his city's government, a multinational high-traffic e-commerce site, and some developments for start-ups. 

Ignacio joined the IT'IS Foundation to work on the o2S2PARC platform, focusing mostly on front-end programing. He enjoys outdoor sports, like paragliding and climbing, and sometimes plays guitar at random bars.