Ella Breast Coil






Ella MR Breast Coil


General Information

Sex female 
Type1 young normal adult
Age [Years] 26 
Height [m] 1.63
Weight [kg] 58.2 
BMI [kg/m²] 21.9

1According to the BMI classification by the WHO



Version History

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This model is as modified version of Ella V3.1 optimized for MRI breast-coil applications. The model incorporates the high resolution segmentation of breast tissues. The breast shape is typical of a patient during a breast scan in prone position (Ella was in supine position). 

In addition the skull and atlas (C1 vertebrate) are made posable, to allow a more realistic positioning of the head in a breast coil scanner. The tissues  remain the same as in cV3-1.

DOI: 10.13099/ViP-Ella-BreastCoil