Ella BMI 30






Ella BMI 30


General Information

Sex female 
Type1 young obese adult
Age [Years] 26 
Height [m] 1.63
Weight [kg] 79.7 
BMI [kg/m²] 30

1According to the BMI classification by the WHO




Version History

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This model is based on Ella V3.1  morphed to a BMI of 30 using a realistic physics-based morphing approach, which expands (or shrinks) specific tissues. The morphing is performed using a bio-mechanical solver with hyper-elastic soft tissues and rigid bones. Local shrinking (or expansion) is modeled using a thermal expansion analogy. The model consists of the same tissues  as the original model.

DOI: 10.13099/ViP-Ella-Morphed-BMI30-H163