The following table contains values for the viscosity of different fluids at 37°C, including statistical information on the standard deviation and the spread in the values.

Note that if two values are drawn from the same publication, there will be a difference between the number of studies indicated in the table below and the number of references provided in the downloadable reference table.

Temperature-dependent viscosity values for various fluids are available in a separate table at the bottom of this page.

'Viscosity (Pa*s)' d.C3 d.D3 d.E3 d.F3 d.G3
d['B'+r] sprintf('%.2E',d['C'+r]) sprintf('%.2E',d['D'+r]) sprintf('%i',d['E'+r]) sprintf('%.2E',d['F'+r]) sprintf('%.2E',d['G'+r])


Temperature-Dependent Viscosity

'Viscosity (Pa*s)' 'Temperature (°C)' d.D3 d.E3 d.F3 d.G3 d.H3
d['B'+r] sprintf('%.0f',d['C'+r]) sprintf('%.2E',d['D'+r]) sprintf('%.2E',d['E'+r]) sprintf('%i',d['F'+r]) sprintf('%.2E',d['G'+r]) sprintf('%.2E',d['H'+r])