Low Frequency (Conductivity)

Low Frequency (Conductivity)

The following table contains values for the electrical conductivity for frequencies up to 1 MHz for all tissues, including statistical information on the standard deviation and the spread in the values. The low frequency parameters are based on a combination of the Gabriel dispersion relations1 and a review of the available literature.

Note that if two values are drawn from the same publication, there will be a difference between the number of studies indicated in the table below and the number of references provided in the downloadable reference table.

Mixed: Includes all studies (Across, Along), independent of the measured direction.

Skin: It has been reported that the conductivity of the skin significantly impacts the dosimetric assessment at low frequencies. The values for skin conductivity presented here should be used with caution.

'Conductivity (S/m)' d.D3 d.E3 "Number of Values" d.G3 d.H3
d['B'+r] sprintf('%.2E',d['D'+r]) sprintf('%.2E',d['E'+r]) sprintf('%i',d['F'+r]) sprintf('%.2E',d['G'+r]) sprintf('%.2E',d['H'+r])
1C. Gabriel. Compilation of the Dielectric Properties of Body Tissues at RF and Microwave Frequencies, Report N.AL/OE-TR- 1996-0037, Occupational and environmental health directorate, Radiofrequency Radiation Division, Brooks Air Force Base, Texas (USA), 1996.