Medical Image Co-Registration

Semester / Master Project – Medical Image Co-Registration


The aim of this project is to improve investigations about invasive and non-invasive brain stimulation techniques such as transcranial alternate current (TACs) or magnetic (TMS) stimulation, deep brain stimulation (DBS), and temporal interference stimulation (TIS), through: i) the identification of co-registration and normalization parameters of our existing Virtual Population (ViP) anatomical human brain models to reference brain coordinate systems (such as MNI); ii) the definition of coordinate transformation from these reference systems to the real space; iii) the co-registration of a brain atlas (e.g., Allan or HBP human brain atlas) into the ViP brain models, and iv) the identification of fiducial points for the identification of the 10-10 International electroencephalogram (EEG) Electrode System electrodes in our head models.

Depending on the interest and ability of the applicant, the identified transformation parameters, atlases, and fiducial points will be integrated in future ViP releases and made available within the life science Sim4Life simulation platform (

Students who wish to apply should have at least three of the following skills:

  • at least one completed course in medical imaging processing or computer vision
  • practical experience with neuroimaging data processing using FSL or SPM
  • knowledge of co-registration and normalization techniques
  • good programming skills in Python or C++

The project will give the student the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with multiple techniques including image-based modelling and computational electromagnetics. The extent of the project will be individually adapted and finalized according to the interests and background of the student.

The workplace will be at the IT’IS Foundation in Zurich and the student will be supervised by the ViP team in collaboration with the neurostimulation team. The project will include:

  • a survey of the approaches reported in recent literature
  • definition of a co-registration and normalization pipeline
  • implementation of coordinate transformations
  • use of the implemented tools in ongoing study about brain stimulation

Please contact Dr. Bryn Lloyd for more information and further details.


Dr. Antonino M. Cassará, Dr. Bryn Lloyd

Type of Work:

Computational life sciences


Niels Kuster

Please send applications to Charlotte Roberts at