EMF Exposure Systems
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The sXcLiveELF is a miniature extremely low frequency (ELF) exposure system which is integrated with a microscope system. State-of-the-art microscopic techniques, including confocal scanning and fluorescence microscopy, allow live cell imaging during exposure. In contrast to the classic approach of post analysis of cell responses, the instrument enables direct insight into the cell’s response to EMF.

sXcLiveELF in vitro exposure system


Exposure element (placed on microscope) 4 × 4 × 2 cm (d × w × h)
  Signal tower (beside incubator)

80 × 80 × 60 cm (d × w × h)

  Control device including computer 40 × 40 × 10 cm (d × w × h)

 Cell Cultures

Cell type cell monolayer
  Cell preparation on plate in the live imaging module
  Observation area ø = 10 mm, 3.1 cm³


B-field dynamic range up to 6 mTrms
  B-field frequency range 3 – 1250 Hz
  B-field waveform sinusoidal
power line worst case (harmonics up to 1250 Hz)
any waveform with 64000 points
  Intermittent exposure arbitrary on/off cycles with 10 s temporal resolution

 Dosimetric Key

Nonuniformity of the B-field distribution 1%
  Temperature control controlled temperature differences for exposure and sham remain below 0.1°C

 Exposure and
 Environmental Control

· full software control of the exposure with self-detection of malfunctions
· sequentially blinded exposure protocols
· current monitoring and feedback regulation
· air temperature control and monitoring
· data logging every 10 s

The complete bundle includes the exposure cavity, signal tower and PC with controlling software. Also included is installation of the setup at the target laboratory as well as personnel training sessions. The live imaging microscope/incubator is not included. Pricing and detailed specifications available on request.

For more information please contact us: customized@itis.swiss.