EMF Exposure Systems
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Designed to test radiofrequency electromagnetic field exposures from third generation (3G) mobile communication devices operating according to the UMTS standard. 2G modulation schemes such as GSM are also applicable. The setup is based on two R22 rectangular waveguide chambers that are blindly excited by a fully computer-controlled signal unit.

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Exposure setup (placed inside incubator) 43 × 20 × 36 cm (d × w × h)
  Signal tower (beside incubator) 60 × 60 × 80 cm (d × w × h)

 Cell Cultures

Cell type any
  Cell preparation monolayer: 6 Petri dishes (NUNC,
ø = 35 mm)
  Loading volume of cell medium 18 mL


Carrier frequency 2450 MHz
  Modulation types WCDMA according 3GPP
  Modulation schemes UMTS
GSM talk
arbitrary pulse structure
continuous wave
any AM waveform of 64000
points on request
WiFi Signal on request
  Intermittent exposure arbitrary on/off cycles with 10 s

 Dosimetric Key

Peak SAR (100 W amplifier) monolayer: 150 W/kg (DMEM)
  Nonuniformity of the SAR distribution monolayer: < 30%
  Temperature rise for exposed cells monolayer: 0.03°C/(W/kg)

 Exposure and
 Environmental Control

· full software control of the exposure with self-detection of malfunctions
· blinded exposure protocols
· incident field monitoring and feedback regulation by H-field loop sensors
· air temperature monitoring by Pt100 probes
· monitoring of fan driving currents
· data logging every 10 s

The complete bundle includes the waveguide chambers, signal tower, PC with software, and a suitable CO2 incubator. Also included is installation of the setup at the target laboratory as well as personnel training sessions. Pricing and detailed specifications available on request.

For more information please contact us: customized@itis.swiss