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The sXv1800–2450 system is designed to expose 2 - 4 chambers of 6 cages each to RF frequencies in the range of 1800 to 2450 MHz. The reverberation chamber design allows unrestrained motion of the rodents inside their cages.

sXv1800–2450 in vivo exposure system


Exposure setup 90 × 90 × 130 cm (d × w × h) (reverberation chamber)
70 × 65 × 100 cm (d × w × h)
(exposure element)
  Control device including computer 40 × 40 × 5 cm (d × w × h)


Carrier frequencies 1800 – 2450 MHz
  Modulation schemes UMTS 3G
continuous wave
  Intermittent exposure arbitrary on/off cycles with 10 s temporal resolution


Mice 1 mouse × 6 cages × 2 to 4 chambers

 Dosimetric Key

E-field homogeneity 0.3 dB
  Field isotropy 0.35 dB
  SAR levels >15 W/kg

 Exposure Control

· full software control of the exposure with self-detection of malfunctions
· immediate abortion in case of overexposure
· blinded exposure protocols
· air temperature and humidity monitoring
· data logging every 10 s

The complete bundle includes the exposure cavities, signal tower and PC with controlling software. Also included is installation of the setup at the target laboratory as well as personnel training sessions. Pricing and detailed specifications available on request.

For more information please contact us: customized@itis.swiss.


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