The IT'IS Foundation is bridging academics, governments, regulators and industry

The IT'IS Foundation is bridging academics, governments, regulators, and industry.





Our Mission Statement

  • The IT’IS Foundation is an independent, non-profit, tax-exempt research institute.
  • IT’IS is dedicated to expanding the scientific basis of the safe and beneficial applications of electromagnetic energy and information technologies.
  • IT’IS is committed to pursuing advanced research in simulation methodologies and applications of physical, physiological, and biological processes to bridge the gap between bench and bedside in the emerging field of personalized medicine.
  • IT’IS is committed to cost-effectively extending healthy life years and improving and advancing the quality of life of people with disabilities through innovative research and applications of emerging technologies.
  • IT’IS endeavors to provide a proactive, creative, and innovative research environment for the cultivation of sound science and good education.


The IT’IS strategic plan provides a framework for action to stimulate innovation, productivity, and excellence:
  • We develop multi-physics, multi-scale simulation approaches 1) to optimize individual diagnostic, treatment planning, and therapeutic techniques and 2) to model interactions between physical agents and complex biological processes and structures.
  • We continually develop the most advanced computational models representing the human population and laboratory animals.
  • We assess the risks and safety aspects of electromagnetic energy, including but not limited to energy distribution and wireless information technologies.
  • We seek to identify new areas of research where we can leverage our expertise to explore new scientific frontiers at the interface of computation, biology, physics, and engineering, while maintaining our visionary mission.
  • We establish alliances and collaborative networks between academic and industrial organizations with mutual interests.
  • We continuously strengthen our position as a world-renowned center of excellence in computational life sciences and near-field electromagnetics.

Implementation Plan

  • We acquire consistent and primary funding from donors, sponsors, government agencies, and foundations, as well as from licensing intellectual property rights (IPR). Funds for projects with non-disclosure agreement (NDA) restrictions may be accepted when there is the potential for new research areas with no NDA restrictions or to support other projects.
  • We pursue joint research opportunities with leading regulators, research organizations, and industries.
  • We actively collaborate with national and international standards organizations.
  • We disseminate knowledge to experts, the media, and the general public through publications and participation in and organization of conferences, seminars, and workshops.
  • We provide an innovative and creative research environment with state-of-the-art infrastructure, bringing together scientists with diverse perspectives from across various disciplines.
  • We develop a capital reserve fund and an intellectual property rights portfolio to maintain long-term funding.