Jun 14, 2006

A New 3-D Conformal PEC FDTD Scheme with User-defined Geometric Precision and Derived Stability Criterion

Stefan Benkler, Nicolas Chavannes, and Niels Kuster, in IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, Volume 54, Number 6, pp. 1843–1849, June 2006

A new conformal finite-difference time-domain (CFDTD) updating scheme for metallic surfaces nonaligned in the grid is presented in this paper. The proposed scheme can be easily added in standard FDTD codes even if the codes are already parallelized or hardware-accelerated. In addition, a time step reduction is used as a user-defined parameter giving the ability to trade-off speed versus accuracy. To show the performance and the robustness of the proposed scheme canonical validations and two real world applications were investigated. A broadband low profile (circular) antenna was successfully simulated showing the benefit of the conformal FDTD method compared to the conventional scheme. Furthermore, a CAD based mobile phone was conformally discretized and successfully simulated showing that the proposed scheme is highly suited for the simulation of advanced engineering problems.

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