Aug 26, 2005

Electromagnetic Fields Affect Transcript Levels of Apoptosis-Related Genes in Embryonic Stem Cell-derived Neural Progenitor Cells

Teodora Nikolova, Jaroslaw Czyz, Alexandra Rolletschek, Przemyslaw Blyszczuk, Jörg Fuchs, Gabriele Jovtchev, Jürgen Schuderer, Niels Kuster, and Anna M. Wobus, in The FASEB Journal, Volume 19, Number 12, pp. 1686–1688, October 2005

Mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells were used as an experimental model to study the effects of
intermittent EMF exposures (5min on/30 minutes off). ELF-EMF exposure (2mT 50Hz with worst-case distortions for supply) to ES-derived neural cells significantly affected transcript levels of the apoptosis-related bcl-2, bax, and cell cycle regulatory "growth arrest DNA damage inducible" GADD45 genes, whereas mRNA levels of neural-specific genes were not affected. RF-EMF exposure (GSM-1800 simulated exposure at time-averaged SAR of 1.5 W/kg) of neural progenitor cells resulted in down-regulation of neural-specific Nurr1 and in up-regulation of bax and GADD45 mRNA levels. Short-term RF-EMF exposure for 6 h, but not for 48 h, resulted in a low and transient increase of DNA double-strand breaks.

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