Kathrin Burckhardt

Kathrin Burckhardt

Kathrin Burckhardt

PhD, PostDoc


Kathrin joined IT'IS in August 2009.

Kathrin came to Switzerland in 1997 after having completed her diploma in Physics at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, Germany.


Her PhD thesis, completed in 2001 in the Computer Vision Lab of ETH Zurich (BIWI), was focused on the estimation of geometric parameters in X-ray and fluoroscopic images.

She stayed at BIWI, extending her research projects after the PhD, and at the same time became a music teacher for children.

In 2007, Kathrin oriented her research interest towards biomedical simulations. She works together with Dominik Szczerba and Esra Neufeld on the acceleration and extension of fluid and mechanical solvers.




Peer-reviewed articles

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