Frederico Teixeira

Frederico Teixeira

Frederico Teixeira

PhD Student


Frederico was born in Itaperuna, Brazil, in 1983. He obtained a degree in Automation and Control Engineering in 2004, his bachelor's degree in Pure Mathematics in 2008, and his Master's degree in Numerical Analysis/Scientific Computing in 2011.


Since 2007, Frederico has worked for a number of institutions and companies on scientific visualization, simulators, and implementation of new numerical methods for partial differential equations.

In 2013, Frederico joined the IT'IS Foundation as a PhD student to work on the numerics, algorithms, and high-performance-computing aspects of the Sim4Life solvers. His initial areas of activity have been fluid-structure interaction modelling, non-tetrahedral elements, and contact problems.




Conference proceedings

Teixeira, F., Wissmann, P., Neufeld, E., Hirsch, S. & Kuster, N. Investigation of FSI and 1D-Flow Network Boundary Condition Impact on Aneurysm Modelling. In Proceedings of the European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering (ECCOMAS), Crete Island, Greece, June 5-10, 2016