Amir wiki


PhD, Senior Research Scientist


AmirAli Farokniaee was born in Tehran, Iran. He joined the IT'IS Foundation in February 2023.


AmirAli completed his bachelor’s degree in atomic-molecular physics at the University of Tehran and continued his grad studies in the USA beginning at Florida Atlantic University. He obtained his PhD degree in physics from University of Connecticut. His main research focus was sound/music perception applying rules of theoretical and computational neuroscience. In 2016, he started his first postdoc with Prof. Cameron McIntyre at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, getting trained in the field of DBS and Parkinson’s disease (PD) with the main focus on the role of short-term synaptic plasticity in delivering therapeutic benefits of DBS.

AmirAli developed thalamo-cortical spiking network models of DBS with Prof. Madeleine Lowery at University College Dublin, Ireland, as his second postdoc during 2018-20. He continued his research funded by science foundation Ireland in 2020 with a company pioneering adoptive DBS (aDBS) called Newronika, based in Milan, Italy, with a focus on management and analysis of PD patients’ brain and neuromuscular data.

He was the consultant of Grigioni foundation for PD in Italy since 2021, prior to moving to IT’IS, analyzing brain signals such as local field potentials and EEG of the human gait during different movement and speech tasks.  

AmirAli is working on computational brain sciences with a focus on neuromodulation applications.