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Kristian Cujia

PostDoc CEM Milimeter-Wave


Kristian Cujia was born in Columbia. He joined the IT'IS Foundation in July 2020.


Kristian earned a bachelors degree in Electronics Engineering and Telecommunications at Universidad del Cauca, Colombia.
He then moved to Switzerland to pursue his graduate studies at ETH Zurich.
For his masters degree (Micro and Nanosystems), he worked with hybrid semiconductor/superconductor quantum circuits.

He was also part-time involved in a StartUp company (BEN Energy AG) as a software developer and spent 6 months as a research intern at IBM Research in Rueschlikon.
For his doctorate (Physics), he worked on quantum sensing using atomic defects in diamond for nanoscale nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR).
He has authored/co-authored 10+ journal publications and holds 1 patent.
Kristian works on reconstruction algorithms for 5G systems.