Thermoregulation Model of Neonate and Preterm Infants

Semester and Master's Work at the IT'IS Foundation - Thermoregulation Model of Neonate and Preterm Infants


The body-surface-to-weight ratio of neonates and preterm infants is much different than that of adult humans, meaning that the thermal situation of infants is also significantly different. In addition, infants' thermoregulation capabilities may not yet be fully developed. The development and application of a suitable thermoregulation model for these infants will be beneficial for the assessment of thermal safety of infants, for example, in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or phototherapeutic applications.

The aim of this project is to develop a model of thermoregulation in newborn infants that takes existing models into consideration and to adapt the model for use in computational life sciences with a view to precision medicine, based on the available literature. Besides an analytical model, numerical simulations will complement the thermal distribution assessment, with a special focus on localized temperatures, which could originate from radiofrequency hotspots or phototherapy light-sources.

Depending on the interest and ability of the student, the generated model will be applied in academic radiofrequency safety assessments or therapeutic applications. Excellent analytical thinking skills are needed for this position. The project will give the student the opportunity to apply his/her knowledge for actually relevant medical applications.

The extent of the project will be defined and finalized according to the interests and background of the student.

The workplace will be at the IT’IS Foundation in Zurich. The workflow will include:

    • literature review of neonatal thermoregulation
    • familiarization with existing models of thermoregulation
    • development of a newborn infants’ thermoregulation model
    • numerical validation of the model and assessment of localized heating

Please contact Dr. Manuel Murbach for more information and further details.


Dr. Manuel Murbach

Type of Work:

Computational life sciences


Niels Kuster

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