Development of a Medical Imaging Simulator

Semester and Master's Work at the IT'IS Foundation - Development of a Medical Imaging Simulator

Medical imaging techniques – such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), and positron emission tomography (PET) – are commonly used for diagnosis and treatment planning in medical practice. Computer simulations can be used to test novel imaging protocols in terms of imaging quality and patient safety.

The aim of this project is to develop a CT (or PET) simulator that is able to simulate the imaging process and dosimetry, i.e., the positioning of the virtual patient, sources, and detectors, assignment of the material properties and boundary conditions, creation of the computational grid, and simulation of the passage of photons through the human body with a high-performance (GPU/CPU) Monte Carlo solver. The Virtual Population computational anatomical models developed at the IT’IS Foundation will be used as the virtual patients for this project.


Depending on the interest and ability of the student, the resulting framework will be integrated in the commercial computational life sciences simulation platform Sim4Life. Good C++ or Python skills would be preferable. The project will give the student the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with these exciting techniques.

The extent of the project will be defined and finalized according to the interests and knowledge of the student. Please contact for more information and further details.

The workplace will be at the IT’IS Foundation in Zurich. The workflow will include:

  • a survey of the approaches reported in recent literature
  • implementation and verification of the simulation with scripts and Monte Carlo codes, e.g., Geant4
  • implementation of a web-based user interface for the simulation or plugin for in-house desktop software
Please contact Dr. Bryn Lloyd for more information and further details.


Dr. Bryn Lloyd
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