Traceability of the Regional Human Models

To provide the users of the MIDA model with permanent digital access to each released version of the model and guarantee unambiguous traceability, we have generated a unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI). We thereby warranty that all versions will always be available. 

Model DOI
MIDA V1.0 10.13099/VIP-MIDA-V1.0
PHM V1.0 10.13099/VIP-PHM-V1.0
BTPMR V1.0 10.13099/VIP-BTPMR-V1.0
Glenn right hand V1.0 10.13099/VIP12015-01-0
Fats right hand V1.0 10.13099/VIP12014-01-0 
Duke right hand V1.0 10.13099/VIP12001-01-0
Jeduk right hand V1.0 10.13099/ViP12017-01-0
Ella right hand V1.0 10.13099/VIP12002-01-0
Yoon-sun right hand V1.0 10.13099/ViP12016-01-0
Louis right hand V1.0 10.13099/VIP12006-01-0
Billie right hand V1.0 10.13099/VIP12003-01-0
Eartha right hand V1.0 10.13099/VIP12007-01-0
Dizzy right hand V1.0 10.13099/VIP12005-01-0
Thelonious right hand V1.0 10.13099/VIP12004-01-0
Roberta right hand V1.0 10.13099/VIP12008-01-0