Oct 31, 2016


NEUROMAN – Functionalized Anatomical Models for Studying EM-Neuronal Dynamic Interactions

The IT'IS Foundation is proud to announce the funding of the project “NEUROMAN: Functionalized Anatomical Models for Studying EM-Neuronal Dynamic Interactions” by the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) and the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT). NEUROMAN will create the first male and female human computational phantoms, as well as one female rhesus monkey phantom, for in silico studies focusing on interactions of neurons and electromagnetic fields. The models will include detailed nerve geometry with neuronal electrophysiology coupled to a low frequency electromagnetic field solver that can take anatomical and physiological phenomena into consideration.

By creating a unique and novel toolset for optimizing targeted stimulations, the project stays abreast of the rapid advancements in the area of “electroceuticals” – bioelectronic medical interventions that employ electrical stimulation to affect and modify functions of the body (e.g., devices for patients with chronic pain or Alzheimer’s disease) – and wireless power transfer (WPT) technologies. NEUROMAN combines IT'IS vast expertise in neuronal dynamic simulations in complex anatomies with that of the Departments of Anatomy of the Ajou University School of Medicine and Dongguk University College of Medicine in South Korea for imaging, segmentation, and anatomy. The Swiss R&D partner is ZMT Zurich MedTech AG and the Korean partners are Dymstec and HCTM.
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