Mar 21, 2012

Virtual Family Models Presented as a Key Topic by the U.S. Chief Technology Officer

On February 6, 2012 the National Modeling and Simulation Coalition (NMSC), an American organization whose goal is to promote the utilization and development of modeling and simulations in manufacturing, defense, medicine, energy, transportation, education, and other areas, held their inaugural congress. The opening presentation by the keynote speaker Aneesh Chopra, assistant to U.S. President Barack Obama and U.S. Chief Technology Officer, presented the Virtual Family as part of a key topic: the Virtual Physiological Patient.

The Virtual Family and Virtual Classroom models are already used by more than 250 research groups worldwide in various areas, mainly to evaluate the safety of emerging technologies or to assess the influence of various parameters on the absorption of electromagnetic waves. The integration of the Virtual Family models in the inaugural event of this new coalition demonstrates the growing demand for such high-quality anatomical models, a significant field of research of the IT'IS Foundation.