Feb 22, 2022

Tissue Properties Database V4-1: Updates for Low Frequency

IT’IS has upgraded its Tissue Properties Database: the new version, V4-1, includes the latest updates from the literature on low-frequency electric conductivity measurements as well as additions for the tissues that form the internal structures of the eye.

The IT’IS Tissue Properties Database (Tissue DB for short), first released in 2011, has become a valuable resource for scientists and the medical device industry alike. It provides a continuously updated and maintained collection of tissue material properties for physics ranging from electromagnetism and thermodynamics to acoustics and magnetic resonance imaging.

2202 tdb vip mm

Regular updates have been made over the last decade to keep the database up to date and as comprehensive as possible based on the latest results published in the scientific literature. The advent of diffusion tensor imaging as a means of measuring electrical conductivity at low frequencies (LF) has led to several recent publications that include conductivity measurements for tissues in the head and body (e.g., spinal cord, muscle, cortical bone). The newly released Tissue DB V4-1 includes an update of the average LF conductivity values and adds material properties for several tissues about which we previously had limited or no knowledge, such as the tissues that form the internal structures of the eye. Last but not least, work is underway on re-evaluating the combined standard deviation from different experiments based on the Cochrane formula to provide a better estimate of uncertainty. The present release gives re-evaluated standard deviation values for the LF conductivity – future releases will address other tissue properties.

The Tissue DB V4-1 is part of our continuous effort to maintain the most up-to-date tissue material properties database for the research community.

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