Sep 19, 2017

Release of the First Verified and Validated MRIxViP V1.0 Libraries and IMAnalytics Module V1.0 for Instant, Comprehensive, and Traceable Evaluation of Implantable Medical Devices

The IT’IS Foundation and ZMT Zurich MedTech AG (ZMT) are excited to announce the release of MRIxVIP V1.0 and IMAnalytics V1.0, the first comprehensive solutions for fast, verified, validated, and traceable evaluations of implant safety during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

data library box

The MRIxViP V1.0 libraries consist of 3D-distributions of the induced electromagnetic fields (EMF) that represent the patient population undergoing any MRI exam. These standard libraries – based on radiofrequency (RF) exposures at 1.5T (or 64 MHz) and 3.0T (or 128 MHz) – comprise terabytes of data. In combination with IMAnalytics, a powerful software that allows fully automated Tier 3 analysis of RF-induced local power deposition at the electrodes of implantable devices for millions of excitations, the MRIxViP V1.0 libraries facilitate easy and quick acquisition of verified test results within only a few hours.

See how IMAnalytics and MRxViP can streamline your implant safety evaluation:


The MRIxViP1.5T and MRIxViP3.0T libraries include the RF-induced electric and magnetic fields of each of eight IT’IS Virtual Population (ViP) models – Duke, Ella, Billie, Thelonious, Louis, Glenn, Fats, and Eartha – at different clinical landmark positions inside 10 two-channel RF-coils resulting in 4,522 datasets for MRIxViP1.5T and 8,890 for MRIxViP3.0T.

IMAnalytics, a unique toolset for the management and analysis of diverse permutations of large data, provides built-in options that allow users to explore device performance concurrently at several operating modes.

Both the MRIxVIP libraries and IMAnalytics have been extensively tested and validated. Full verification and validation (v&v) documentation, including the descriptions of our test fixtures and validation criteria, is provided to all customers. Furthermore, due to our rigorous quality assurance and data backup systems, any released library can be accessed at all times.

IMAnalytics graphic web

The IMAnalytics Module smoothly integrates the MRIxViP V1.0 libraries to automatically perform Tier 3 analysis of implants (PiX transfer functions) with user-defined parameter ranges (e.g., normalizations, coil dimensions, shimming angles, clinical routings, subsets of the patient population, and landmarks).