Dec 14, 2015

Release of New Posable Duke V3.1!

Since 2006, the IT'IS Foundation has been providing the research community with state-of-the-art computational whole-body human anatomical models. These high-resolution models, which are used by more than 500 research groups worldwide, are already widely regarded as the gold standard of biophysical modeling in whole-body phantoms.

IT’IS has recently been working together with ZMT Zurich MedTech on a physics-based approach to the positioning of the ViP models, to provide more realistic postures and a wider range of potential applications. IT’IS is now proud to announce the release of Duke cV3-1, the first of the ViP models to have been upgraded for use with the new posing method available in the multiphysics computational life sciences platform Sim4Life 2.2! Duke cV3-1, based on the high resolution V3.0 model already widely being used in the community, adds improved functionality. The remaining computational models (cViP3.0) will be upgraded with posing functionality in the coming months.

Sim4Life was created by a consortium of companies and academic institutions (ETH, EPFL, IT’IS Foundation) and has proven to be so powerful that it can handle even V3.0 very smoothly.

As the IT’IS Foundation remains committed to continually improving and expanding the Virtual Population, requests to include any additional features or specific details are always welcome.