Jul 31, 2018

New Computational Phantom Yoon-sun: Important ViP Extension in Unmatched Segmentation Quality

IT’IS announces the release of a Korean female computational phantom in 0.1 mm resolution resulting in detailed vessel trees and peripheral nerves

After 18 months of extensive work, the IT’IS Foundation welcomes the first non-European member and the second adult female computational model to its Virtual Population (VIP): the Korean phantom Yoon-sun cV3-1! The model is the first successful result of the Swiss-Korean collaborative project NEUROMAN between IT’IS, Ajou University School of Medicine, Dongguk University College of Medicine, DYMSTEC, and HCTM. The goal of NEUROMAN is to create both a female and male neurofunctionalized computational anatomical phantom to study the mechanisms and optimization of neurostimulation treatments and ensure safety of corresponding devices.

Yoon-sun cV3-1: Detailed models of the organs, vessel trees, peripheral nerves, and other small structures

The release is an important extension of our existing European ViP towards a global population representation and was long-awaited by the medical implant community. It also heralds a new era of next generation segmentation quality and resolution (0.1 x 0.1 x 0.2 mm) manifested in detailed models of the organs, vessel trees, peripheral nerves (from the cranium and spinal cord to internal organs and major muscles), and other small structures – from head to toe. The unmatched detail became possible thanks to the superior quality of the images that were originally obtained by the Visible Korean (VK) project led by Prof. Chung and Prof. Park from the anatomy departments at Anjou and Dongguk University (watch the movie about the acquisition of the images here). IT’IS reviewed and curated the VK segmentation to meet the stringent ViP quality standards and included all tissues segmented in the cV3-1 ViP models.

The release will soon be followed by Yoon-sun V4-0, the first phantom with neuro-functionalized nerve trajectories modeled as splines and all major nerves, muscles, and blood vessels named, segmented, and meshed separately.

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