Apr 10, 2019

Release of Male ViP Model Jeduk cV3-1

IT’IS adds the second Korean computational anatomical model to its Virtual Population phantom library in 0.2 mm resolution resulting in detailed vessel trees and peripheral nerves

Our efforts paid off: only four months after the release of Yoon-sun V4-0, IT’IS is proud to introduce another member of our Virtual Population (ViP): [add link] the Korean male anatomical phantom Jeduk cV3-1! The model is yet another successful result of the Swiss-Korean [1] collaborative project NEUROMAN. The goal of NEUROMAN is to create both a female and male neuro-functionalized computational anatomical phantom to study the mechanisms and optimization of neurostimulation treatments and ensure safety of corresponding devices.

Jeduk cV3-1: Introducing our Korean male computational anatomical model.

Like the female Korean model Yoon-sun, Jeduk cV3-1 (33 y, 1.62 m, 64 kg) was segmented from high-resolution cryosection images that were originally obtained by the Visible Korean project led by Prof. Chung and Prof. Park from the anatomy departments at Ajou and Dongguk University.

For the last two years, IT’IS has been participating on the segmentation of the two Korean phantoms to ensure alignment with the tissue and structure definitions used in our existing ViP library.  

While all our standard ViP V3-x tissues are included, Jeduk cV3-1 – just like Yoon-sun cV3-1 – represents the next level of ViP models and includes both extremely detailed vascular and peripheral nervous system (PNS) segmentations. The PNS segmentations in particular are an important step towards the eagerly anticipated neuro-functionalized Jeduk V4-0 phantom, which will provide researchers with reference nerve trajectories in the entire body. The release date for this next-generation neuro-electro-physiology enabled model is scheduled for end of June 2019.

The release of Jeduk cV3-1 marks another important extension of our existing European ViP towards a global population representation. 

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[1] NEUROMAN receives funding from Innosuisse and KIAT

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