Jun 29, 2023

MRIxViP V2.2: Enhanced Patient Coverage and Fidelity

The IT’IS precomputed library of radiofrequency-induced electromagnetic field distributions inside the human body has been further expanded. The latest release of MRIxViP V2.2 contains two additional human anatomies for better population coverage.

The reliability of implant safety evaluation depends on the quality and range of anatomical models used to determine the implant exposure. With the release of MRIxViP V2.2, we have improved the population coverage of our FDA-qualified implant safety exposure library by adding the Virtual Population anatomical models Jeduk and Eddie. In combination with IMAnalytics, from our partner ZMT Zurich Medtech AG, fully automatic implant safety analysis for patients with active or passive medical implants can be performed in compliance with the requirements of national regulators.

The latest simulations were performed with a new semi-automated simulation pipeline leveraging the latest scripting features of ZMT's Sim4Life platform. The same verified solvers and anatomical information as used in previous releases were incorporated into a fully end-to-end workflow comprising field simulations, post-processing and generation of verification data. This approach, inspired by IT'IS and ZMT's cooperation on the o2S2PARC platform, significantly improves the efficiency of data manipulation, storage and quality control, while eliminating some field overestimations occurring at simulation boundaries in previous versions of the library. The refreshed library and new anatomical phantoms will be submitted to the FDA for updated qualification imminently.

All customers who purchased any previous version of MRIxViP and have an active Service & Maintenance contract will receive the new version MRIxViP V2.2, as a drop-in replacement.

For more information on MRIxViP V2.2, contact us at