Jul 25, 2019

Launch of SPARC Portal at ISAN 2019

IT’IS provides an early glimpse into its o2S2PARC computational neuroscience platform to SPARC investigators and the autonomic neuroscience community

From July 25-27, 2019, IT'IS is attending the 2019 Congress of the International Society for Autonomic Neuroscience (ISAN 2019) at UCLA in Los Angeles CA. ISAN is the most important forum for autonomic neuroscience researchers to discuss and share ideas on a broad range of topics related to the autonomic nervous system (ANS). Understanding and modeling how the ANS controls organ function across a wide range of organ systems is key for the realization of the grand vision of bioelectric medicine and electroceutical implants – an important research focus of the IT'IS Foundation.

This year ISAN organizers have been partnering with NIH-funded SPARC investigators (Stimulating Peripheral Activity to Relieve Conditions - SPARC initiative) to provide an expanded multi-disciplinary program. A highlight at ISAN 2019 is the launch of the "SPARC Portal”. The portal comes in the form of a dedicated website that provides free access to the steadily growing collection of data, maps, and computational studies that are being established within the SPARC initiative. It supports the initiative’s ultimate aim to advance the neuromodulation field toward more precise treatment of diseases and conditions.

IT'IS will demonstrate a preview of our o2S2PARC platform that is now accessible via the “SPARC Portal”. The o2S2PARC platform is a unique, open, online-accessible system that hosts all computational models developed by SPARC teams and allows to share, execute, and couple these models to facilitate in silico studies. This early version of o2S2PARC includes computational and visualization tools that selected SPARC researchers have already shared with the community. These include:

  • data and anatomy visualization (e.g., Jeduk V4-0)
  • artificial intelligence for compound action potential prediction
  • electrophysiology simulations of small enteric networks
  • electrophysiology simulations of cardiac myocytes and tissue
  • a multiscale cardiac control model

Hands-on sessions with the o2S2PARC development team and our colleagues from the DAT- and MAP-COREs will complement the launch of the SPARC portal.

Over time, o2S2PARC will be updated with the full set of powerful computational neuromodulation modeling functionality of Sim4Life, including functionalities from the recent Sim4Life V5.0 release. Some of the new Sim4Life features are also demonstrated in this movie.

For more information on o2S2PARC, contact us at