Jan 13, 2015

IT’IS Releases New Online Fluid Properties Database and Publishes References Used to Determine Database Values

The IT’IS Foundation announces the release of a new database of fluid properties to complement the existing material parameters database. The new database compiles values on temperature-dependent viscosity, density, heat capacity, and thermal conductivity values for specific fluids. Also newly available are tabulated lists of the references used to determine the values in both the material parameters and fluid properties databases. The new format of the reference list links each database entry to a pdf of the reference(s) used to generate the value.

The material parameters and now the fluid properties databases have been created to provide the modeling community with values for EM, thermal, and fluid properties of biological tissues in a free, easily accessible, and dynamically evolving manner. The linked list of references available at the downloads page allows database users to interactively access the original references used to generate the database values of interest. In this way, users can instantly consult the original literature and are better able to judge the appropriateness of the values for their individual needs. This improved transparency can be a powerful tool for quality control of the database. The long-term maintenance of these databases relies heavily on input from users, who are encouraged to communicate problems, corrections, and ideas for improvement via the users forum.

The values compiled in the databases are based on comprehensive reviews of the scientific literature. Some properties of tissues listed in the database have not yet been measured. To facilitate evaluations until these gaps are filled, the Virtual Population team of the IT’IS Foundation has chosen the best substitute tissue and provides a detailed justification for each tissue. The few tissues and properties for which neither published values nor reasonable substitutions are available are indicated.

The new and improved data available at the database webpage is evidence of the continued commitment of the IT’IS Foundation to provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive estimates for tissue material and fluid parameter values.