Feb 1, 2022

Visible Human Overhaul: Release of Male ViP Model Eddie cV3-1

After being on the shelf for almost 20 years, IT’IS is proud to bring the Visible Human male model to new life in superior quality and consistent with other Virtual Population (ViP) models: the male anatomical phantom Eddie cV3-1!

In 1994, the US National Library of Medicine created the first complete, high-resolution, publicly available data set of a full, anatomically detailed, three-dimensional representations of a human male body as part of the Visible Human Project. IT’IS and many other organizations used this dataset to develop the first computational anatomical human models shortly thereafter – we called him Joseph, others Hugo, or simply the Visible Human or VH.

Since then, the IT’IS Virtual Population (ViP) models have become the gold standard for in silico biophysical modeling applications. The newest generation ViP3 includes more than 300 tissues and organs per model and a resolution of 0.5 × 0.5 × 0.5 mm³ throughout the entire body. Therefore, it was time to take Joseph off the shelf, dust him off, and give him a complete makeover to join the latest version of the ViP family.

Over the past year, IT’IS went back to the original dataset and intensively  worked on improving the original segmentation of Joseph – representing a 38 year old, 1.81 m tall, and 106 kg heavy male – to make it compatible with the tissue definitions used in the ViP and to ensure that differences to other ViP models reflect real inter-individual anatomical differences and not segmentation operator errors. The result is Eddie cV3-1!

Because of the richness of the cryosection image data, the new Eddie cV3-1 model includes detailed segmentations of the peripheral nervous system that go far beyond current models based on this dataset. This is particular important for emerging applications where a combination of histology-based nerve models is embedded in a host model section.

Eddie cV3-1: IT’IS welcomes Eddie to the Virtual Population computational anatomical model library.

The release of Eddie cV3-1 represents another important ViP extension in our attempt to cover the natural variability of the human population in terms of body weight, height and tissue distribution.

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