Oct 26, 2012

Bakker (2012) Thesis

Jurriaan Bakker, "Dosimetry of Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields in Daily Life and Medical Applications", PhD Thesis, Erasmus MC - Daniel den Hoed Cancer Center, Rotterdam, 2012, online November 2012


PhD candidate Jurriaan Bakker from Erasmus MC has successfully defended his PhD thesis on October 26th. During his thesis, Dr. Bakker worked in tight collaboration with the IT'IS Foundation to provide a comprehensive assessment of children exposure to various sources of electromagnetic fields, and to investigate how guidelines based on simple models can serve to evaluate exposure doses in complex anatomies and in various population groups. Together with Dr. Bakker's work on hyperthermia and exposure in medical applications, this substantial contribution to the field of dosimetry elegantly combined modeling, experiments, and data analysis.


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